Stargazers and Whypoll Mentorship Internship Programme

The_Stargazers_Fondation_Portfolio_Creativity_And_InnovationStargazers and Whypoll Mentorship Internship Programme connects Indian women CEOs in the private sector to young women from economically backward backgrounds in India. The Mentorship Internship programme identifies young women leaders from economically backward areas in India and provides them with unique opportunities of mentorship to learn and grow in a professional environment.

The programme aims to not only provide accompaniment and guidance to the next generation of Indian woman business leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds, but also to sensitize and engage existing successful Indian business women to the cause of nurturing innovation, creativity, and hidden potential in the next generation of leadership.

It benefits both mentor and mentee by providing for powerful professional opportunities, skills development and insights, as well as financial independence to the mentee, yet the most valuable resource exchanged for both is the human connection. Mentorship can be a powerful process for facilitating the exchange of ideas, pooling of resources, and ultimately developing original and innovative ideas into fruition towards catalyzing leadership.

The Mentorship Internship programme is a joint initiative by The Stargazers Foundation and Whypoll Women, and has been co-developed by Shweta Punj and Miniya Chatterji.

If you are an Indian woman in a corporate leadership position who would like to be a Mentor in our programme then please contact

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