Gender Gap Assessment Certificate for Corporations

The Stargazers Foundation, in cooperation with The International Labour Organisation and United Nations Women (Egypt) is currently deploying the Gender Equity Self-Assessment (GES) Tool at over 60 companies and organizations across Egypt.

Stargazers believe the gender gap goes beyond the head count. It is not about merely hiring an equal number of men and women employees in an organization. Instead, factors such as work life experiences, flexible work solutions, access to resources, wage disparity, and gender distribution by function need to be evaluated scientifically to arrive at a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s real gender balance.
Further, why should organizations have to rely upon consulting firms and other external agencies for an assessment of their gender balance? We think that the first step towards closing the gender gap is empowering organizations with the tools with which to perform assessments of their gender balance internally. We think that if we make it easy for organizations to perform comprehensive gender gap self assessments, we make it easier for them to achieve a ‘real’ gender balance that will ensure not only greater wellbeing of employees but also far greater productivity of organizations.
Towards this objective, Stargazers offers the GES Tool—an in-depth and scientific gender equity self-assessment tool— for organizations to assess their gender gaps and include gender-related considerations in their overall business strategy and planning.
Upon completion of the assessment, Stargazers provides:
– Detailed report of the real gender gaps within the organization
– Practical and innovative recommendations to improve gender gaps
– Detailed data analytics
– Gender Equity Score

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