Stargazers Anantara initiative’s team meets RLabs in Capetown

As part of the Anantara Initiative, The Stargazers Foundation’s Nimit Jain, Abhishek Ambastha, and Swapna Gaini went to Capetown on 15th July, 2013. They received incubation, mentorship, business, and product development support from Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs) South Africa, an incubator for creating socially relevant technology solutions.
Nimit and Abhishek spent 2 weeks discussing about the project with the team at RLabs. In the meantime, Swapna, who is our first fellow for The Stargazers Grassroots Education Fellowship, began with her 3 month program to learn about technology and project management. This visit helped them in critically analysing the approach from various standpoints.
The Anantara Maternal Healthcare and Pre-school Education Centres are a new model for community healthcare through technology and education, located in several parts of rural India. The first Anantara center is located in Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. RLabs is a global movement that provides innovative solutions to address various complex problems. It was founded by Marlon Parker in 2008 as an environment for community driven innovation and reconstruction.

Our discussions at RLabs helped in critically analysing our approach from various standpoints and also exposed us to further possibilities. This helped us to see how can the effectiveness and sustainability of our solution can be enhanced. In totality, it was a great opportunity to share our ideas with a diverse audience and get more clarity on our plan of action. Plus, it was fun seeing around the beautiful city and meeting up with the warm hearted Capetonians.

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Abhishek, Nimit and Swapna
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