The first automated medicine vending machine has been installed

The Anantara pilot centre in Makloor Village, Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh was successfully launched in its final format on February 14th, 2014. The medicine dispensing machine has been installed in the renovated Anganwadi. Consumption data is captured and registered electronically and powered by a solar panel. This automated medicine vending machine provides subsidised iron supplements that cater to the issue of anemia for pregnant women in rural India, along with sanitary towels and condoms. The Anantara centres will also soon be providing visual technology aided education for children aged 2 to 6 and to their mothers.
Five additional Anganwadis are also beeing renovated. The new centres are located in Nizamabad and Karimnagar Districts, creating the first cluster of Anantara Maternal Healthcare and Pre-School Education Centres. Our Stargazers team visited the other centers in Nizamabad District. Work in Pentakurd is almost complete, only the cupboards need to be constructed. The Anganwadi center looked great, colourful and a lot of activities seemed to be undertaken there with many wall hangings and charts.
Swapna, who is our first fellow for The Stargazers Grassroots Education Fellowship, will be deployed to monitor the Anganwadi centers. This young indian girl, native from Nizamabad, will mobilise the community to use the vending machine to access medicines. She will visit each center once a week, showcase a Tab tool every week, and play educative stories and poems for the children.
Bringing quality community healthcare through technology and education to Indian villages is now a reality thanks to our partners Lebara Foundation, Bafna Pharmaceuticals, Cisco, Ecube, Gensol, Reconstructed Living Laboratories, Madhu Yashki foundation, and the Anganwadi workers.

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