Stargazers welcomes its new Director for the Anantara Initiative

The Stargazers Foundation welcomes its new Director, Anusha Lall. Anusha has joined the Stargazers team to manage the Anantara Initiative, a large scale initiative that uses technology driven innovative models to deliver healthcare and education in rural India.
Anusha has nearly ten years of experience covering the areas of policy research, development programming and knowledge management, as well as teaching and capacity building activities. Previously, she has engaged with international development agencies, universities, government think tanks and non-profit organizations.
While a number of outreach programmes are aimed at women’s health and children’s education in the present development scenario, there remain many challenges to last mile service delivery as the current system struggles to serve the needs to overcome infrastructural and procedural hurdles. On the other hand, technology innovations, underpinned by education and appropriate capacity building can provide simple, practicable solutions at the grassroots especially in rural India. In the first phase of implementation and scaling up, the Anantara Maternal and Pre-School Education Centres will operate through Anganwadis (courtyard shelters provided by the Indian government to provide basic health care and pre-school activities in villages), also supporting the mandate of the Integrated Child Development Scheme sponsored by the Government of India.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Anantara Initiative, working towards establishing Maternal and Pre-School Education Centres as a new model for community healthcare through technology and education in rural India. Our intention is to go beyond a top-down, centralized approach to development and essential service delivery, towards building effective partnerships between the community, technology innovators, local governance structures and development partners. Such partnerships will be further sustained through community ownership, by way of nurturing leadership among young girls and facilitating their education and capacity building.

Anusha The Stargazers Foundation

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