Anantara Initiative News from the Ground

There have been a series of exciting developments for the Anantara Centres through November 2013.
The pilot centre in Makloor Village, Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh is close to final launch in its new format. Renovation has been completed. Solar kit to power the centre, medicine dispensing machine and first batch of medicines have reached the site, in readiness for installation and launch of operations. Parallel with the technology inputs, the installation process will involve extensive interface between the technology providers, community leaders and representatives, healthcare outreach workers and local authorities. This interface will be facilitated by the Anantara team through a focused approach, for building ground capacity for smooth operation of the centre to benefit the target community, and putting monitoring systems in place from the outset.
As a huge step forward in the Anantara Initiative, four additional locations (existing anganwadis) have been identified for the set up of the Anantara Maternal Healthcare and Pre-School Education Centres. The new Centres will be located in Hasankothur (Karmapally Mandal), Pentakhurd (Bodhan Mandal), Jaithapur (Yedapally Mandal) and Manchippa (Nizamabad Mandal) in Nizamabad District, creating the first cluster of Anantara Centres. The collection of baseline data, mapping of service delivery arrangements and interaction with local education and healthcare outreach workers has been initiated in these locations.

The Anantara team was also happy to host Mr. Satheesh Chandran, Country Director, Lebara Foundation India, on a site visit to the pilot Centre in Makloor as well as other proposed locations. We thank him for his feedback and look forward to working together towards making the Anantara Centres a sustainable model for effective healthcare and pre-school education through use of technology solutions and community capacity building.

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