A new model for community healthcare

The Stargazers’ Anantara centre is being built in Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh (India) as part of an initiative that proposes a new model for community healthcare through technology and education. The engineering team is developing an effective and sustainable solution to place automated medicine dispensers in the Anantara centers which will be run by solar energy panels. Architects from Brussels Alice Boudet-Dalbin and Alexis De Bosscher are also on site in Nizamabad to design and create the space. Their plan is to have spaces painted in strong colors like orange or red, while keeping the rest of the centre in neutral grey or white. Colored spaces for the kids have carpets on the floor to keep it comfortable even in the winter and allow them to crawl and play.

For us young architects, building a project with our bare hands and making a concrete change in the life of a village are some very enriching experiences. The human exchange involved has brought a lot to us. Children, villagers always come to see us work. Once, the children wanted to do the same as what we were doing. They took the shovel and filled the pits with sand. They were so proud to help us prepare the pile of sand to make the cement mix. An other time, after having worked a whole afternoon without speaking the same language, communicating only with gestures and smiles, a villager insisted in offering us some tea and introducing us to his whole family.

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